what is an important ethical or legal consideration for nurses in the use of social and digital media

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Formulate an argument in the light of the ANMAC Professional Code of Conduct Statement;

“The nursing profession expects nurses will conduct themselves personally and professionally in a way that maintains public trust and confidence in the profession.

Nurses have a responsibility to the people to whom they provide care, society and each other to provide safe, quality and competent nursing care.
(NMB, Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia, 2008, p.2).

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In this essay you will need to;

• Define social and digital media
• Identify and explain the ethical/legal considerations for nurses
• support your argument with recent, relevant, academic literature.

You must write in third person. Do not use I and We unless in direct quote

Points to consider;

•Decide whether you agree/disagree with the essay question then make a list of viewpoints and reasons.
• Write well developed paragraphs, joining the sentencs with appropriate linking words and phrases. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence which summarises

what the paragraph is about.
• Linking words and phrases should also be usd to join one paragraph with another.

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