What is the likely impact of the Affordable Care Act on healthcare access, cost, and quality?

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This assignment requires you to prepare an original ten (10) page research paper (not counting the cover pager or footnotes), double-spaced, with at least five (5.

The topic for your research paper is the following: What is the likely impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on healthcare access, cost, and quality?
Some questions that should be addressed in your research are: Who is newly covered and how is this achieved? What are exchanges and how are different States

approaching them? What does the Medicaid program have to do with the ACA? How will health insurance premiums be affected? Will all aspects of the Law be implemented on

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schedule? What variables are in play in the political debate over the impact of the ACA on cost, access, and quality of care? On balance, is the ACA a good or bad law?

Provide a clear, fact-based, non-emotional justification for your conclusion.
Keys to Success: Read summaries of the ACA and official updates about the status of its implementation from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Follow the major debates through searching Google News and think about how different political perspectives may be affecting the interpretation and predications about different elements of the law.Then, applying what you have learned in HCAD 620 and integrating findings in at least five journal articles written after the passage of the ACA, develop a clear and compelling analysis of what you think its actual impact will be on access, cost, and quality of health care in the USA.
Grading will be based on the following 100 point rubric:
Paper uses proper grammar and spelling appropriate to a graduate school level of performance – 10 points
Paper includes at least five references from appropriate sources and cited in APA style – 15 points
Paper presents a clear and correct understanding of the basic elements of the ACA – 25 points
Paper clearly address the impact of the ACA on the three major areas of access, cost, and quality in a logical and coherent fashion – 30 points
Paper demonstrates an understanding of the some of the challenges facing state and national government in the implementation of the Law – 20 points.

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