What payment methodologies does the CMS use?

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Your initial post response and your response post to another student must include APA citation and reference. 1. Initial Post: You will discuss the CMS payment system. Summarize your understanding of this payment system in your initial post. Include an overview of CPT, ICD, and HCPCS by discussing the differences between them in your post. Your entire initial post should be between 300-400 words. Your initial post is due no later than Thursday of Week 2. Use the Green & Rowell text and visit the AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) site to find information and links that will help you explain the CMS payment system.http://www.ahima.org/resources/reimbursemethod.aspx Also, answer the following: 1. What payment methodologies does the CMS use? 2. How do CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes differ? 2. Second Post: Respond to ONE student’s initial response only. In your response, provide a comment that demonstrates you have read and understood their summary and overview. This response should be about 100-150 words in length.

To begin discussing in this forum, click the forum title. Then, click Create Thread on the Action Bar to post your initial reply. To reply to a fellow participant, click the title of the initial post, then click Reply. Project 2 Rubric:
Week 2 Project Rubric
Expectations and Points Awarded Exemplary Acceptable Needs Improvement Unacceptable
Posting Requirements 50 pts Student’s initial response is thorough and the word length requirement is met. Standard English language writing standards are adhered to. The post is free of spelling, writing, and grammatical error. The post is made no later than Thursday. The post includes APA in text citation and a reference. 50 pts The student does not submit their initial post by Thursday. 35 pts Student’s initial post does not meet the word length requirement and there are spelling, writing, and grammatical errors. APA in text citation is not used. 20 pts Student does not post an initial answer to address the topic or answer the question, and/or does not make any responses at all. 0 pts
    Response Skill 50 pts Student responses demonstrate they have read the material and their classmates post. Correct citation and reference is included, with APA format. 50 pts Student response lacks some clarity and is cited and referenced, but with minor APA format errors. 35 pts Student responses lack clarity and have many APA citation and reference errors. 10 pts Student does not complete the assignment by posting the required two responses. 0 pts

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