What was the major problem with the Article of Confederation?

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What was the major problems with the Article of Confederation? What were two Articles did you support and what was at least 1 Article did you not support? Finally please elaborate on the important piece of this document.


Read in the Modules Below:

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  • Legal and Political Foundations of Homeland Security Module: commentary

Read Below:

  • U. S. Constitution


  • Articles of Confederation
  • Federalist Papers Overview: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/
  • Federalist Paper No. 41: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/fed41.htm
  • Federalist Paper No. 46: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/fed46.htm
  • Federalist Paper No. 47: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/fed47.htm
  • Federalist Paper No. 51: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/fed51.htm
  • Federalist Paper No. 64: http://www.foundingfathers.info/federalistpapers/fed64.htm


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