Which ecosystem with fertile soil has been mainly converted into agricultural farmlands for human use?

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1. Which ecosystem with fertile soil has been mainly converted into agricultural farmlands for human use?Select one:a. Tropical rain forestb. Tundrac. Desertd. Temperate grasslandse. Taiga2. What occurs during the later stages of allopatric speciation?Select one:a. evolution ceases for a timeb. reproductive isolation between the subpopulations occursc. wide phenotypic differences disappear between subpopulationsd. gene flow continues between the two populationse. reproduction continues between the two populations3. Ecology is defined as the study of __________.Select one:a. Organisms as they interact with other organisms and their physical surroundingb. Population increases and decreasesc. How populations are restricted by environmental resistanced. Populationse. The rate of population change4. Which of the following statements about differential gene expression is true?Select one:a. It would leave unchanged the size of a particular structureb. It might maintain the function of an organc. It could identically color skind. It might change leg length between speciese. It might cause a species to grow as long as another5. What portion of the antibody binds to an antigen?Select one:a. The variable portionb. The constant portionc. The heavy chain portiond. The variable and constant portione. The antigen receptor portion6. What type of characteristics appear in some new groups but not in all new group?Select one:a. parallel charactersb. ancestor charactersc. convergent charactersd. analogous characterse. derived characters7. Which of the following organisms have a one-way ventilation mechanism?Select one:a. Mammalsb. Birdsc. Reptilesd. Amphibianse. Earthworms8. All of the following are advantages of having a coelom except _________.Select one:a. It provides free body movements due to the coelomb. It provides more space for organs to developc. It helps organisms such as flatworms and roundworms moved. The coelomic fluid protects internal organse. It can assist in the storage and transport of substances9. Complete this sentence to clarify how air currents affect rainfall patterns. At the equator, __________; whereas at 30 degrees north and south latitude, ____________.Select one:a. dry air rises away from Earth’s surface; warm moist air sinksb. warm moist air sinks to Earth’s surface; dry air risesc. warm moist air rises, cools and becomes rain; dry air sinks to Earth’s surfaced. warm moist air rises; warm moist air turns into raine. dry air sinks to Earth’s surface; warm moist air rises, cools and becomes rain10. What characteristic was present before the adaptation of reptiles for life on land?Select one:a. hard, horny scalesb. internal fertilizationc. shelled eggd. ectothermic physiologye. more advanced skeleton

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