why does each side think what they think?

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Prepare an applied ethics presentation (12-15 slides, with speaker notes)

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creating a 12-15 slide power-point presentation. I’m included a sample of a strong powerpoint below, but it was done for a slightly different assignment, so keep this in mind.
I first want to give you a formatting tip: you need strong argument and aesthetic/rhetorical effectiveness. In a powerpoint, the best way to achieve this is to keep your slides reserved for bullet-points and visual aids, and put the majority of your argument in the notes.
For this powerpoint, you will need to choose a particular ethical debate that is currently relevant in your field. You will need to:
1) Explain the issue from an ethical perspective, equally presenting the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the debate: why does each side think what they think? In doing so, make sure that you identify the crux questions: those questions on which the debate as a whole turns.
2) You will need to choose two of the primary moral theories/thinkers that we’ve covered in this course and explain how each would respond to/solve the ethical dilemma in question. Make sure that you explain their theories before attempting to apply them.
3) Discuss how Christian Ethics (including the relevant biblical, theological, philosophical, and historical aspects) would address the ethical issue and compare or contrast this to how your two ethical theories would solve the issue.
4) Choose a model of moral decision making and, given the data that you’ve presented in the points above, use that model to work through finding a solution to the issue.
5) Provide a concluding summary argument for your own solution to the debate, which should be reflected in the work that you’ve done on the above points.


attached is an example

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