Why low birth rates are frequent among African American women as oppose to Latina women- educated versus uneducated

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The thesis statement ive formulated -There are array of factors that contribute to low birth rates among African Americans as oppose to Latina women. Such as poverty, poor nutrition, poor living conditions,

stress, discrimination, and lack of health insurance. Which are commonalities that possibly play a role in the adversely affect.- it needs work as to being more specific. A rough outline:
. Introduction- focus on the history that possibly had a domino effect in this phenomenon for both minorities.
. Body- discuss reasons as to why it occurs using Theories, statistics, and reasoning
. Conclusion- tie all findings into the main concepts and whether the thesis statement is rejected or not.
Its for an American minority class so the paper should coinincide and reflect the topic.
6 references, times roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, and in a paragraph format
If questions arise- email me.

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